Oldies goldies...

This page is dedicated to my old programs... my email : oldiesgoldies@endersoftware.com
Ender Addon for Borland C++ 5.0

A powerful addon for Borland C++ 5.0. Was a shareware, and is now a freeware.
Anyway you have to register to get rid of the shareware reminder... written in '96

To get your registration code, you must send me (email) your machine ID (don't worry for privacy, I do not maintain any database...) so I will send you back your registration code. You will find your machine ID on Project/Environment/Ender... options in BCW

Download it here and simply execute setup program (with BCW closed !).

Information : I developped recently a special IDE usable with any compiler (borland, MS, ...) which is REALLY MORE POWERFUL...
I need testers so if you want... email me.
I have a nice, powerful and cheap setup program too...